Skin Tags: Where Do They Come From?

How do you get rid of skin tags ? what is a skin tag? If you’ve never heard of a skin tag, they might seem out of the ordinary. If you did and have a skin tag, you might ask yourself how do i get rid of skin tags for good? It is said that almost everyone will experience a skin tag at least once in their life. If you’ve never seen one, they do exist but are harmless. They are generally the same as one’s skin color and they can pop up anywhere: upon the eyelids, around the neck, and wherever skin closes upon skin (like the armpits, groin folds, or breast area). Basically, it shows up where clothing and skin can rub together. Skin tags can vary in quantity and size; there can be one skin tag or more than a hundred. Perhaps the most important thing to know is that they are not contagious.

how do you get rid of skin tags?

Skin tags are known scientifically as acrochordons; they are also known as ibroepithelial polyps or cutaneous papillomas. They are not an early sign of cancer (even though they are described as a benign tumor), and they do not affect the risk that anyone will get cancer in their lifetime. Although anyone can have a skin tag, certain people are more apt to have one if they are middle-aged or obese. Infants, however, are rarely born with such skin tags. Children and toddlers may have them though. The good thing is that removal of a skin tag does not create more skin tags to pop up. Let’s go back 10 years ago, no one really knew how do you get rid of skin tags but now removal can be done through freezing, a string that ties off the circulation, or using a blade (or scissors) to cut them off.

how to get rid of skin tags at home

How to get rid of skin tags naturally

Another good thing is that treatment really isn’t necessary. Sometimes skin tags will fall off by themselves. The main reasons for treatment are for looks (a cosmetic concern), or if a skin tag is frequently irritated. Some home remedies have included shaving off skin tags with a razor, using dental floss to restrict blood flow, or even using nail polish remover.

If you or someone you know has a skin tag, consider having a doctor perform the removal as he know how to get rid of skin tags as home remedies can carry the risk of excess bleeding or infection. Also, wart-removal medication may just end-up irritating the skin instead of removing a skin tag; wart removal creams and ointments are for warts, not skin tags! If anything, ask your doctor if there is an over-the-counter skin tag remover that he or she recommends. It will allow him or her the chance to take a look at your skin tags and answer questions such as : how to get rid of skin tags at home or any other questions you may have.

how do you get rid of skin tags

If someone chooses not to treat a skin tag, he or she should at least get a health check because skin tags can be a sign of other medical concerns. One such medical concern is insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. Another might be hormonal changes (which is why women may develop skin tags during their pregnancy). If you want to prevent more, avoid tight clothing. Other than irritation from clothing, skin tags do not have any related symptoms. For this reason, don’t feel the need to undergo prompt removal. If anything, have a medical professional look at it to make sure that it is not being confused for something that it is not. There are other conditions that can look similar and that are not benign. So, if you asked your how do you get rid of skin tags you definitely found an answer here.