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Our Healthcare Launches Web Inithealth

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Heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol … There are many apps dedicated to collect data about your physical condition. Health gathers them all in one place, accessible with one touch, to offer an updated and easy to read summary of your current situation. You can also create an emergency card with important information such as your blood type and alergias- available from the lock screen.

Also for those who want to collaborate with the prevention of cardiovascular diseases without running, there is a dorsal 0, also known as dorsal solidarity. The price is 8 euros for the 10K, 4 euros for the march and only 2 euros for children’s races. A study by the University of Valencia alert on the harmful effects of divorce on the health of men and women.

Asnake introduces the theme of the special issue highlighting that is aligned to the values ​​of the WFPHA, namely to promote the practice, education, training and research in public health. In his opinion, centuries of experience have shown that the impact of public health goes beyond borders, and share scientific publications evidence that translate into public policies and strengthening global health. In addition, Asnake encourages young public health professionals to write and submit articles to refereed journals in the early stage of their careers, and experienced researchers, journal editors, as well as associations and public health institutions, to guide and support this process.

All are lunging toward the grieving person know it was wrong, but you know that doctors today do not have professional ethics, do not mind seeing the patient dying and not flinch, cases have been, if I invite you to are passed by one emergency clinic and look at the despair of patients to be treated, and while doctors and nurses sucked Gallo. …

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World Health Organization

<p> This Sunday the International Day of Indigenous Peoples is celebrated, which this year is dedicated to ‘Ensuring the health and welfare of indigenous peoples’, focusing on access to health services. </p>
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